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June 2011

My Furry Friends

Well, I completed the totem of my little fur-balls to be used for my display for custom pet totems. Lacey, Bonnie, Clyde and Vinnie - all forever live on this totem.  The glass is about 3" x 12" and is mounted on a wood block. 

Pet Totem 001

I think 4 would be the maximum number of animals I would do on a wood block piece.  The wood must be taller than the glass and I need to allow 3" in height for each animal.  This wood came out approximately 15" tall.  

Pet Totem 003
Pet Totem 004

I am still working on the web page for the custom pet totems and the display for them.  I have been busy making pieces for the upcoming holiday weekend shows.  I will certainly let you all know when I've gotten this all done.

Pet Totem 005
Pet Totem 006
Pet Totem 002

Custom Animal Totem

Several weeks ago I had a request from a friend to make a custom totem using pictures of her 1 dog and 4 cats.  How could I not take that on!  It turned out really well and I am quite proud of my attempts at realistic animal representations. 

After some back and forth, she and her husband decided they wanted this piece to be a wall hanging.  So, I mounted it on some of the reclaimed fence boards I have and bound them with 2 pieces of driftwood and silvered wire.  The effect is contemporary-rustic.  I love it, and most importantly, so did they!

 These are the photographs my friend emailed to me.  She lined them up just how she wanted them to be on the totem.La vers animals  
This is the finished totem.  

May 28, 2011 straight and bright cropped

May 28, 2011 020
May 28, 2011 019
May 28, 2011 021
May 28, 2011 022
May 28, 2011 023
These are not the first pets I have painted, but it has seriously got me thinking about creating a way for people to order their own custom pet totems online and from my space at the Mountain Arts Gallery Coop.  I have already designed a flier page, but want to make a display piece using my animals to show what can be done.  I really think they are unique and hope that others will feel the same way.

They can be made as a memorial or just a fun way to show your love for your furry (or not) family members.  I have friends who include a lizard as one of their pets, dying to try out that totem - two dogs, a cat and a lizard (or iguana maybe).  Fun!