Custom Animal Totem
In Memorium

My Furry Friends

Well, I completed the totem of my little fur-balls to be used for my display for custom pet totems. Lacey, Bonnie, Clyde and Vinnie - all forever live on this totem.  The glass is about 3" x 12" and is mounted on a wood block. 

Pet Totem 001

I think 4 would be the maximum number of animals I would do on a wood block piece.  The wood must be taller than the glass and I need to allow 3" in height for each animal.  This wood came out approximately 15" tall.  

Pet Totem 003
Pet Totem 004

I am still working on the web page for the custom pet totems and the display for them.  I have been busy making pieces for the upcoming holiday weekend shows.  I will certainly let you all know when I've gotten this all done.

Pet Totem 005
Pet Totem 006
Pet Totem 002