Balancing Act
My Pops

A Little Color

The third step of each of my tile paintings includes covering up my reverse painting with a layer of frit that will end up being the base/background.  I have had some failures with dark colors, colors too transparent, colors that blend into the painting, etc.  

That is why I have generally been steering towards using a plain opaque vanilla color.  Almost every piece looks good on this color, they stand out and even get a little extra punch from the neutral background.

Summer Evening 1

Well, this time my painting was much simpler - just one of my narrow black spindly trees.  I knew that the background would make this piece stand out.  I ended up layering colors of transparent greens and blues to create a landscape.  The transparent has to then be backed with the vanilla color in order for it not to disappear when the tile is mounted onto the wood.  

Summer Evening 4

I think the finished result is bright, vibrant and fun!