Snow Bird
A Little Color

Balancing Act

I was kicking myself when I was at my booth space on July 4th at the Crestline Jamboree Days.  I had just finished several tiles mounted on wood the day before and brought them with me to show.  Unfortunately, I sold 3 of them before I realized I didn't take any photos of them!!!

They were great pieces, too.  One was a monarch caterpillar, another was a little mouse and the biggest was an owl.  Oh well, live and learn. 

Balancing Act 3

But, I loved the way the little mouse had turned out and knew that I wanted to make another one.  This time the glass piece is a little bit bigger at about 5 x 5" and mounted on a taller piece of wood.  He is carefully balancing on a small limb, climbing through the leaves - safe and happy.

Balancing Act 4

For the background I used a mixture frit - a combination of leftovers from previous pieces.  It has an overall look of green, but has light and dark green mixed with oranges, yellow, blues and who know what else.  It kind of makes the background appear to be a blurry forest.   He's a cutie!!