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July 2011

A Little Color

The third step of each of my tile paintings includes covering up my reverse painting with a layer of frit that will end up being the base/background.  I have had some failures with dark colors, colors too transparent, colors that blend into the painting, etc.  

That is why I have generally been steering towards using a plain opaque vanilla color.  Almost every piece looks good on this color, they stand out and even get a little extra punch from the neutral background.

Summer Evening 1

Well, this time my painting was much simpler - just one of my narrow black spindly trees.  I knew that the background would make this piece stand out.  I ended up layering colors of transparent greens and blues to create a landscape.  The transparent has to then be backed with the vanilla color in order for it not to disappear when the tile is mounted onto the wood.  

Summer Evening 4

I think the finished result is bright, vibrant and fun!

Balancing Act

I was kicking myself when I was at my booth space on July 4th at the Crestline Jamboree Days.  I had just finished several tiles mounted on wood the day before and brought them with me to show.  Unfortunately, I sold 3 of them before I realized I didn't take any photos of them!!!

They were great pieces, too.  One was a monarch caterpillar, another was a little mouse and the biggest was an owl.  Oh well, live and learn. 

Balancing Act 3

But, I loved the way the little mouse had turned out and knew that I wanted to make another one.  This time the glass piece is a little bit bigger at about 5 x 5" and mounted on a taller piece of wood.  He is carefully balancing on a small limb, climbing through the leaves - safe and happy.

Balancing Act 4

For the background I used a mixture frit - a combination of leftovers from previous pieces.  It has an overall look of green, but has light and dark green mixed with oranges, yellow, blues and who know what else.  It kind of makes the background appear to be a blurry forest.   He's a cutie!!

Snow Bird

I am still loving to paint owls.  They are so full and proud and the details are exceptional.  This time it is a snowy owl. 

Snow Bird 2
The glass is about 3 x 7", mounted on a wood block.  I will have this and many other pieces with me at my booth at the Music in the Mountains Festival this Saturday in Green Valley Lake, CA. 

Snow Bird 3I used a navy blue transparent frit for the background.  It turned out as a nice contrast to the white owl and looks like a night view of this little guy.

Completed Memoriam

I had shown you the test piece I made of my father-in-law.  It was the first time I painted a person. Well, this is how the finished piece came out.  

Dick Chapman Memoriam

I corrected the color of the beer in the glass and toned down the darkness of the skin color.  I also added the lettering and the black ribbon representing melanoma.  The finished piece is approximately 12 x 15" and is mounted on a rock my husband chose to set in the garden. 

Dick Chapman Memoriam Close Up

Dick Chapman Memoriam Writing

It's A Coloring Book!

So, a while back, I had the idea of turning some of my original glass tile paintings into a Coloring Book.  I have started small with only 8 drawings and finally had them printed. 


I had a color photo of one of the paintings printed on the cover and that painting and 7 others in outline form printed in black and white for coloring in.  The facing page to each drawing is blank so that kids can draw their own pictures.  There are several hare drawings, an owl or two and other birds.  I think it came out pretty cute.

I am offering these for sale at the Mountain Arts Gallery along with a set of 24 crayons. I will also have them at other shows that I set up at.  

Looking forward to buyers' reactions!!

In Memorium

Richard "Dick" Chapman
9-3-39 to 7-6-05 

Pet Totem 008

My very first reverse glass painting of a person.  This is my husband's father who passed away 6 years ago today.  My husband requested a memorial plaque with his favorite picture of his dad from his years in the British military.  This is the tester piece and I am quite happy with it overall.  Only the beer came out gray instead of gold, but I know how to fix that for the final piece.

Rest in Peace, Dad.

Dad tattoo