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August 2011

Under the Bridge

I found this piece of wood on some walk somewhere around my house.  It is a large "u" shape.  At first I thought I would end up cutting a u shape of glass and mounting it onto the wood - almost like a rainbow.  

This is the type of piece of wood that I will just sit on my work table and look at now and then to come up with ideas.  A rainbow was out of the question - way too cutesy for me.

The aha! was to decide to hang a piece of glass under the arch.  Yay - a neat idea.  The wood would not stand up on it's own, so I had to find just the right piece in my pile to make a leg support on the back.  

I thought that a nice little view through a window onto a hill with trees and sun would be just the thing for this piece.  So, a week later, glass finished, I then had to figure out how to hang the glass in the arch.  I ended up glueing some jewelry bails onto the glass, screwing  eye screws into the wood and, with some fenagling, got the glass all hung. 

Under the Bridge 3

This was a fun little idea that can only come along with the right set of circumstances and the right "parts".  I think I try to find pieces of wood that are already very close to being what I need to mount glass onto - ie sturdy with a flat side - but, no more!  Look what can be done when your mind has to think a bit outside your regular box. 

A Sharp Eye

This roadrunner is one of my favorite pieces to date and I just had to share with all of you. 

A Sharp Eye 1"A Sharp Eye"

He is approximately 7" tall, 7" deep and about 12" wide.  The glass is, of course, one of my reverse glass paintings.  The frit background is a gorgeous multi-hued sand color with tons of depth.  

The wood piece he is mounted on was a large chunk of driftwood I got down at Lake Silverwood.  I ended up sawing the piece in half lengthwise to expose the gorgeous red-ish brown heart of the wood and mounted the tile on one of the flat sawn sides.  The "leg" is attached to the back of the wood for support and also has such a great color to it - almost black in parts.

I really wanted to keep this one....

A Sharp Eye 3"A Sharp Eye" close up

Art on the Lake XII

I am so proud to be showing my art at this years' "Art on the Lake" premier art show in Big Bear Lake this weekend.  I have been working very hard for a couple of weeks, just making, making, making more tile on wood pieces than ever before. 

This time my pieces range from bears to eagles...  

Soaring 1

Through the Fall 2

finches to owls......

Treetops and Turquiose

Head Shot 1

Caterpillars to butterflies and more....
Inching Along 3
Io Pause 1
Sweet Summer Scene 1

As I said, I have been working hard.  I am proud of all of my work and really looking forward to a great show.  There is an artist's reception on Friday night, then the show both Saturday and Sunday.  If you happen to be up in Big Bear, please stop by and say Hi!  There is no entrance fee and you can't beat the location right in the Marina.

Art on the Lake XII
Marina Resort
40770 Lakeview Dr.
Big Bear Lake, CA  

My Pops

Today is my dear old Dad's 70th birthday!  

August 29, 2010 030
My dad is one of the most amazing and interesting people I know.  He is smart, funny, friendly and loveable.  He has really strong opinions - about life, politics, religion....

This is a picture of him just last August when we spent some time with him in South Lake Tahoe while he was in the middle of his bicycle ride from Canada to Mexico!  This just a few years after he had done the Atlantic to the Pacific bicycle route.

After retiring he bought himself a motorcycle.  He had never ridden one before in his life.  He passed the course and license test and got right out there.  He rides in all temperatures - even ones that are way too close to freezing for me.  Now he has got himself a dirt bike motorcycle!!  What an adventurer.  What next, dad? - Base Jumping??

My parents enjoy RV'ing and recently added an adorable dog to their household.  I hope to enjoy so many more years of both of my parents and count myself very lucky that they are happy and healthy and such neat people.

Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!!

Dad and BoHappy Birthday, Dad!