A Sharp Eye
It's not too early.... Is it?

Under the Bridge

I found this piece of wood on some walk somewhere around my house.  It is a large "u" shape.  At first I thought I would end up cutting a u shape of glass and mounting it onto the wood - almost like a rainbow.  

This is the type of piece of wood that I will just sit on my work table and look at now and then to come up with ideas.  A rainbow was out of the question - way too cutesy for me.

The aha! was to decide to hang a piece of glass under the arch.  Yay - a neat idea.  The wood would not stand up on it's own, so I had to find just the right piece in my pile to make a leg support on the back.  

I thought that a nice little view through a window onto a hill with trees and sun would be just the thing for this piece.  So, a week later, glass finished, I then had to figure out how to hang the glass in the arch.  I ended up glueing some jewelry bails onto the glass, screwing  eye screws into the wood and, with some fenagling, got the glass all hung. 

Under the Bridge 3

This was a fun little idea that can only come along with the right set of circumstances and the right "parts".  I think I try to find pieces of wood that are already very close to being what I need to mount glass onto - ie sturdy with a flat side - but, no more!  Look what can be done when your mind has to think a bit outside your regular box.