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It's not too early.... Is it?

Ornements 5

It's not too early to start planning for the holiday show season, is it?  Last year in the Lake Arrowhead Mountain Art's Co-Op Gallery that I belong to they set up a Christmas tree and artists were invited to hang their handmade ornaments for sale.

I hung some that I had made in previous years and sold a few of them, however I felt completely unprepared. 

This year, I had been rolling an idea around in my head and this is what I came up with.  Clear glass squares 2" wide, hand painted with my signature trees and liquid gold or white gold stars painted on each tree.  Each ornament has 2 squares of glass and in between is a combination of paint, frit and/or mica powders.  I fused in wire rings on the tops and bottoms and used a cotton cord for hanging and matching glass beads dangling off of the bottoms.

The glass catches the light and the sweet little trees show off the holiday spirit.

I think my favorite so far is this pale blue and silver one. (My hubby says it looks like the Crystaline Entity - from Star Trek - What does he know?)

Ornaments 2 - blue