Glass and Wood

Rocks In My Head

It has been far too long since I posted here.  Sorry about that.  In late October my husband and I took an RV trip out to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  We saw so much art and had a great time just poking around the town and surrounding areas.

There were two art highlights for me.  First, we went to Shidoni Bronze Foundry and watched an actual bronze pour.  Pretty hot and scary work.  The grounds are littered with metal sculptures for sale and some were super impressive - some were just plain fun.



In the bronze gallery on the lower back section of the property was where we saw the actual pour and during the week they have more in depth tours of their process studio.  That is where I saw an art piece that has inspired a new thought - but that is going to be much later - probably after the holidays.

We also went to the outdoor Tesuque Flea Market.  I didn't get any pictures, but here we met a fantastic Flea Market Artist - Kelly Moore - doing graphic oil paintings on canvas, wood, etc.  His booth space was phenominal and he does his painting right there.  The ground of the space is covered in puzzle pieces!  You just have to check out his website.  He is also a magnificent poet.

Newsletter_shedImage borrowed from

So much inspiration!  If you want to see a ton of art in a small stretch of space/time, you must visit gallery row in Santa Fe.  

So....the point of the title of this post?  While we were there I picked up some nice, smallish, basalt rocks.  I had seen another artist using small rocks and painting ravens on them.  I thought it would be fun to try some.

I painted with acryilics and varnished with a water base finish.  They came out nice.  I made 9 of them and I actually sold 3 of them at a small art show in Redlands a week or so ago.  




IMG_0469This one's cute, huh?  Mark's idea. Ants with Cut Leaf "Hello"