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Glass Puddles

I was recently searching online for glass related information.  I came across a website that I have looked at many times, but honestly had not remembered to check back in with on any kind of regular basis.   It is www.fusedglass.org and it has connections to other glass artist,  glass art galleries, links to suppliers and online tutorials and information.  It truly is a wonderful site.

The latest online tutorial was for creating glass "puddles" - beautiful little stripey/swirly glass 'stones' - that can be used in jewelry, fused into a larger project, or rubbed even smoother as little worry stones.  

The tutorial suggests cutting neat little pieces of 3 x 3" squares in the first step.  You take these squares, stack them up, and fuse them fully.  Since glass always wants to be 1/4" thick, it melts and spreads out creating a thin striped pancake that is then broken up.  Those little broken pieces are laid on their sides and fused into little puddles.  You can see the whole tutorial (with pictures) in the link above.

I know that I have mentioned my ever-increasing stash of scrap glass to you all.  I figured, why should I cut up perfectly good sheets of glass when I can just layer my scrap glass into neat little piles.  It worked like a dream!  I layered pieces to create approximately 3 x 3" square piles up about 6 or 8 pieces high. (sorry, I forgot the picture of this).  Then after firing - I did not look back at the tutorial for the firing schedule and just guessed how long to hold it at top temperature and so it did not get as thin as it should have - my resultant 'pancakes' were more like 3/8" to 1/2" thick.  Still fine, but much harder to break into the small chunks than if they were 1/4" thick.  I ended up scoring them with the glass cutter then smashing with my hammer.  


You can see all of the colors I used - green, almond, tan, terra cotta, blue, yellow, red, clear, black ....and probably some I forgot.  I ended up making 3 different color patterns.  So, then these little chunks were laid on their sides in the kiln again and fused again to make them rounded and 1/4" thick.  This time I used the correct firing schedule.



They are a lot of fun and really cool to just run your hands over.  I am considering what exactly to do with them - sell as is for "worry stones", turn into jewelry, maybe do some painting on some of them before turning into jewelry?  Maybe all of the above. 

If you are a glass artist I hope you will check out the FusedGlass.org website and check out all they have to offer.  It's great to have a resource of artists and suppliers and they surely do not balk at "silly" questions.