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After the first two Sculpey jewelry pieces I made, I knew I wanted to make a bunch more.  But first the glass has to go through it's painting and firing processes.

So, this morning I pulled 23 little paintings out of the kiln after their last firing.  I am pretty pleased - they all came out as expected.  I have been focusing on using lighter and brighter paint colors and I think it makes the finished paintings easier to see and more beautiful!  The smallest piece is about 5/8" x 3/4" and the largest is about 5/8" x 1-1/2".

No two are alike, but I did do some similar themes:





Kitties and Owl---

Sorry about the glare in this next photo - just had the wrong camera angle...


These were really fun to draw and paint.  I was leaning towards a more folk-arty feel which is not what I usually do, but love the look and feel of. 

These are my favorites:


I will be working on getting these made into pendants in the coming week.  Looking forward to playing with more clay!


Color Failure

I guess I should tell you about my failures as well as my successes here.  I had a somewhat major failure here this past week.  I am working on painting some more bird pieces and had 7 more that I fired over the weekend.

Out of 7 pieces, I got only 3 usable ones.  I have never had this happen before.  I have had some paint colors turn a slightly different shade before. Or get a bit darker than anticipated, but I have never had 4 pieces at one time not only change color, but become so completely unusable.  

Here is the problem - the yellow turned gray.  And with these birds it is quite noticeable and unacceptable.

Not only should this Lesser Goldfinch have a yellow chest, but the flower is supposed to be yellow!

You can't have a Yellow Rumped Warbler with no yellow on him...

Robins are known for their yellow beaks....

And this Kestrel should have yellow around his eyes and an orange/yellow mustache.

So, between the loss of time, paint, frit and electricity, needless to say I was a bit frustrated.  But, I am in the middle stages of completing these pieces again as well as a piece with two Magpies that I am excited about and 2 other birds as well.  Hopefully these will be more successful than the yellow catastrophe.