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Photo Cards

I was at an art show recently and the woman with the booth right next to mine was selling these beautiful handmade cards.  She had taken vivid giclee's of her collage canvas art and mounted them onto cards.  You can see her cards and original art here at RosieGirlArt.  I bought just 2 of them - they are stunning.

I have made photo cards in the past by taking photos of my art and then placing them in card frames made to hold photos. 

But here was my problem.  Most of my art pieces are not made in sizes that correspond to the size of normal photos.  So I was always having to adjust the photos to fit.  Not ideal.

With Rosie's method I can take any photo, maybe crop it to cut out the wood or other odd shape of the glass.  What I think makes it work is the idea of the photo having just a sliver of a color of card stock as a "frame" around it.   I can then center the framed photo on the card (which I make from a complenting piece of cardstock) or mount it off-set.  Depending on the photo, I think I like the offset images the best.

Here are just a few of the first batch I made:

Jay Card

Blondie Card

Fox Card

While I did not go so far as to use giclee prints like Rosie does, these are high quality photo prints and the colors came out really stunning.  I have even dated, signed and titled each card.  I have put the first batch I made in the Lake Arrowhead co-op gallery for now, but as soon as I can I will add some to my Etsy store.

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