It's a jungle out there....


I belong to a wonderful co-op gallery in Lake Arrowhead.  There are close to 50 artists in the gallery and it is a really fun place to be.

One of the other artists, John Grden, is a wood turner who makes pens, bottle stoppers, nut crackers, etc.  He called me last week or so and said he had an idea.  He had made some bottle stoppers and they had a nice flat spot on them and he thought my glass would be nice mounted on them.  So I picked up the 4 stoppers and did some drawings.  

They are quite small - the biggest piece is only about 2" in diameter.  I wanted to stick with some of my past ideas that have worked well, so went with a couple of trees, a sweet little house and a little singing bird.  

We will see how it goes - they will make fantastic holiday gifts!