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Who knew?

Before I left on vacation earlier this month, I had several requests for custom orders.  It seems they always come in groups.  I let everyone know they would not be done until I got back from my trip and it all worked out.  I completed 3 custom orders this week.

-- A Red-Hatters pendant for my mother-in-law --
This is a reverse painted glass oval dome mounted on a hand carved and painted polymer clay setting.

I had also previously made a sign for a friend's business (photography) to hang up when she does art shows.  Another mutual friend ordered one just like it.
Sue Klump Sign 1

Barbara Jordan Sign 1
The first sign came out beautifully, but a hair dark.  So I tried to lighten it up in the second sign and it came out pretty darn light.  I like them both, but somewhere in the middle was what I was shooting for.

And the last custom order was for a guy who called because he wanted an anniversary gift for his girlfriend of a giraffe and a sloth together (pet names).  He sent me a link to some artwork he googled.  Who knew you could so easily find a cute little drawing of a giraffe and sloth together??  I adjusted the drawing a bit to fit my needs, clarify the faces a little and removed the clothing/glasses on the giraffe.  I painted it in my normal way and am very happy with the result.  This one was so much fun!
Giraffe and Sloth 5