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Beautiful Solutions

I have mentioned many times before my ever-growing stash of clear scrap glass.  The stuff that ends up on the cutting table when I have cut out the pieces to fit my wood. Well, last month I had an Aha! moment.

So - here is what I did:

I started with a circular piece of clear and painted a design, firing between stages up to the color stage.  Then, I layed the piece face down on my prepared kiln shelf.  I then used a metal bowl and a hammer to crush up a stack of that scrap glass into chunks about the size of a quarter or so.  I laid those all around the painting in a single layer.  Then I covered the entire piece with a layer of clear fine frit.


Next, I shook on colored transparent frit to create a soft glowing effect for the background of the piece.


I then coated the whole thing, again in another layer of clear fine frit. 


This was put into the kiln and fired to 1325 degrees and came out looking like this --


So then, I sand down the edges to avoid any sharpness and it is layed face up and fired again, but up to 1450 degrees so that it all melts together and becomes glossy. Then, the very last firing - a slumping over a bowl mold and the piece is finished!

I am sorry I have process photos of the roadrunner and the finished photo of the robin - the roadrunner is actually still in the slumping stage in my kiln right now.  I will update this when I can get it out of the kiln and get some shots.




EDIT 8/4/13
Here are the final photos of the roadrunner piece that was in the process photos above. 

Roadrunner Bowl 1

Roadrunner Bowl 6