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It's About Time


I have been working on some new things for the fall/holiday shopping season.  And one of the first things I came up with were some fun and spooky "Skeletotems".  I thought of my regular totems and Dia de los Muertos together and this is what I came up with.  

They are not 'technically' totems, but simply skeletons, but I thought it was a fun name and along the line of where I want to take them.

Skeletotem - boots - green 4

The progression of these pieces was actually a true "create as you go" process.  I started by drawing just the skull.  Then, I thought of the skeleton and at the same time was thinking of my regular totems and that they usually incorporate a winged animal of some kind at the top.  So, we get skeleton wings.  Now, the boots are lots of fun and another way to get some color on the lower portion of the piece, but in reality, I just didn't want to draw skeleton feet - hee, hee.

So, I cut the glass, outline painted it, fired it, painted the color and fired it and started holding it up against some wood pieces.  The wings stuck out sharply and it wasn't quite looking right.  So...I used a metal sheet that I have bent into a large U shape and bent the glass over the metal mold in another firing.

Skeletotem - boots - gold 2

After bending and holding them up against the wood, they still seemed plain and as if they were missing something.  Aha!  Move the glass head above the wood, drill a hole in the top of the wood and set a tea light candle in there.  When lit, the skull has a light glow and is just a little spooky.

Skeletotem - boots - green 2

And it's done!  Signed and dated on the bottom of each and ready for sale!  Boy, am I looking forward to fall and the holiday season.  

Next up, the neat "Ice Float Boxes" I have been working on.