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The Power of Three

In decorating there is a law of odds - things look better in groups of 3, or 5, or 7.  Also, I have heard that the triangle is one of the strongest geometric shapes.  Just look at the pyramids, right?

So, in my last post you saw the boxes I made from cedar and glass that each had 3 post legs.  Well, I have once again used the power of 3 and some post legs to elevate another project. 

These glass bowls are made by stacking layers of clear glass, but leaving space between the pieces.  After firing this creates a beautiful, irregular lattice or lace look.  Of course, I couldn't just leave them like that, they needed something more - along came the legs idea.

I simply used the holes created from the firing process (making them larger or rounding them out as necessary) and attached these legs that go through the bottom of the bowls.  They will make stunning centerpieces on a holiday table.  Perhaps with pinecones, a candle, or even some brightly colored glass ball ornaments.  Check them out at my etsy site now!

Footed Bowl 12

Footed Bowl 15

Footed Bowl 14

Footed Bowl 9