More Paint

Happy 2014!

So, for this new year, I am working on some new ideas --

1. Layers - I want to explore taking some of my drawings and breaking them up into layers and painting each layer on a different piece of glass and then layering them on top of each other.  The final image will hopefully show the depth of those layers. 

I completed one of these a couple of weeks ago, but the framing I so lovingly designed and hand crafted seems to detract from the layering effect, so I am still working on this aspect.

Layers House on Hill Framed 1


2.  I plan to make more and more totem poles.  I have an order for a custom 7 foot totem and am in the process of getting that done, but I want to make more and more of these.  I would love it if I simply got more orders, but barring that, I am just going to make them and try to sell them.  When we went to the local lumber yard and got the wood for the 7 footer, I also got 3 more logs and had them sliced up for totems.  They are all a bit shorter in order to make them transportable for shows.  Looking forward to seeing what they all develop into.


and 3.  I am going to try to get into some much larger and more effective art shows.  I have applied to two shows already (one in March and another in August) and about to send the info in for a third one (in December).  Getting to the right venues is very important in terms of actually selling anything, so it's all about quality, not quantity this year.

So -- to all of you -- I am so glad you have chosen to read my blog and follow me on facebook and come to see me at shows or stop by the stores I have my work in.  Looking onward and upwards for 2014!