Better Late Than Never
Hot Dog!

Eagle, Raven, Lion

Another completed totem pole order!

This was designed and built for friends of mine who live in Big Bear City, CA.  The animals are their animal totems that they chose.  We were going to initially have 4 animals (two for each of them), but the dimensions of the pole only lent itself to spacing for three animals.  They compromised.  But since they each had a bird totem, the pole ended up with two sets of wings.  I love the effect of dimension and fullness that gives to the finished pole.

I also asked them to choose a color that they would want running through the whole piece to tie the animals together.  They chose blue for that.

And I asked them simply what colors they particularly like.  Their answer was that they both love orange and there was also a specific request to have green in the raven.

This totem stands about 4 feet tall with a wingspan of about 40 inches.  The head and wings are all double sided, so from behind it still looks fantastic.  The pole itself is made of a cedar log about 10 to 12" in diameter.

I am very happy with this piece and I know they are too -- hope you like it as well!!