Hot Dog!

Something Missing

Okay, so I have titled this blog post "Something Missing".  I don't really know why.  I always write a title before I start writing a post and for some reason these words just popped out.  Let's see where this takes us.

I have been very busy.  Fall is always tough because it seems to be my busiest time for shows and keeping my local shops stocked.  I have had some very successful shows in October and November and am now gearing up for the last two of the year in December. 

The first show in December is the Harvest Festival at the Pomona Fairgrounds on Dec. 5, 6 & 7.  It is more of a fine craft show in the terms that it is mostly for people coming to buy handmade gifts rather than fine art buyers looking to add to their collections.  Knowing this fact, I have been busy making as many of my gifty items as possible - bowls, plates, leash hooks and ornaments.  I will also have some of my reverse paintings available, though, for those looking for more of a one-of-a-kind item.

Three Hook - Dog

Red 8 inch Spirit Plate

8 inch tree plates 2

The last show for me this year is the Christmas Tree Lane tree lighting and Arts and Crafts Fair in Altadena, CA.  It is on Dec 13th from 2pm to 8pm in the Altadena library parking lot.  It is a fun one to end on for the season because it is outdoors, at night, with tree lightings, music, food and the warmth of other vendors and guests.

Then, I will finally feel like I can get working on what is missing.  I have ideas all the time.  I have thought many times this year about the direction of my art and I feel like I know what I want to create, but also know that it changes all the time.  The art pieces are wonderful and time consuming and thrilling to pull out of their final kiln firings and get them on their displays or finished for display and sale.

As a "selling" artist, though, I frequently spend time making smaller, more quickly "saleable" items in order to pay the bills.  I don't know any artist who has not struggled with the different pulls at our time, energy and skills.  

I am considering challenging myself in 2015 to accomplish more than I think I can. There is something missing in my work.  I am looking for more depth and dimension.  We will see if it can be found.

This piece here, "Chickadee and Seed Pods", is one of my latest large art pieces and I LOVE it.  I am hoping to expand on these techniques and details.  I hope you will stick around to see what comes next. Every new piece is a learning experience - finding what I like or don't like and seeing the possibilities of what can be done.

Chickadee and Seed Pods 1 with gradient background