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January 2015

I'm melting!



There are so many great artists out there and I found a facebook page a while back called Fused Glass Fanatics.  The folks on there are always posting these wonderful pieces they have made or are working on.  One of the techniques I have seen alot of on there is something called pot melts or screen melts.  

A year or so ago I had purchased some stainless steel mesh in order to do some screen melts, but I never got around to it.  And I really wasn't sure what I would do with the resulting melt, either.  After quietly paying attention to what others are doing, I finally decided to put my mesh to the test.

So what you are seeing here is 2 layers of the metal screen layed offset on top of one another.  That is set on top of 5" high kiln posts.  Centered on top of the screen is 3 lbs. of glass pieces carefully stacked to create a nice blend in the final melt.  Below the glass is a stainless steel square ring lined with kiln fiber paper.  This will hold and contain the melting glass.


So, it is a very long kiln firing to accomplish this.  And much hotter than I normally fire anything to.  So waiting and hoping was like pulling teeth. 

You can't see it in the pile of glass, but there is one layer of small pieces of black glass.  And while I actually love the final melt, it is much darker than I was hoping.  Black goes a LONG way.


And see all that bluish area?  No, I did not have blue in the glass at all. I had clear, white, transparent amber and that bit of black.  I am thinking that one of two things happened - one of the glass colors reacted to the metal OR the black mixed with something to give it that milky blue look.  Either way, as I said, I love the result. 

So this pieces is 8 x 8" and about 1/2" thick.  I plan to cut it up on my brand new glass cutting tile saw and use those pieces in other finished work.  I'm sure you will see it pop up soon.

On to the next melt!  This time -- no black.

One Thing at a Time

Like many women, I have a tendency to multi-task.  I have read a bit about this and while I always thought it was a more efficient way of getting things done, I am realizing that it is actually not the best way to accomplish things.  It is also, it seems, not the best way to feel better about what you are doing.

I have been making a conscious effort to actually take each task I am working on and focus completely on that job until it is done, or until I want or need to break from it. 

I am hoping this becomes more of a habit.  I tend to start feeling overwhelmed when my "to-do" list becomes lengthy and that's when I overlap duties and become frazzled and forgetful.  More than once I have found things like milk in the cupboard.  Or all day I think about the fact that I need to take my mail to the post office and when I finally get in the car and get half way down the road I realize I left the mail on the counter at home. 

For me, it is a matter of focus and concentration.  So far I have found that I feel better about the outcome of my projects when I do just one thing at a time.  I make fewer mistakes. I also feel like I am focusing more on the people around me and our conversations and interactions. 

Like I said, I am hoping this becomes a permanent habit although I know it will always be a struggle for me.

I hope you are finding ways to work on yourself and your life as well and that you have the desired success. 

Here is a little sneak peak of my current custom order project.  It will be a sign for a local shop and you are seeing a very rough photo of the glass after it's first outline painting and firing.  It is laying on my work table, so hard to "read" but it is on it's way.  This is a fun little Santa's Work Shop!



Photo Albums

I have just made some changes to the photo albums on this blog.  I am trying to organize by year so that you (and I) can see what my work more currently looks like.

Please take a little poke around and see what's up.  I have just added albums for 2013 and 2014 so far and will be adding ones for 2012 and probably 2011 when I have time.  I think I will also probably create seperate albums for my totem poles and pet portraits.

Here's a new one you will find in the 2014 album!

Blue owl Framed 3

"Blue Owl"  Transparent enamels on white glass in black box frame