I'm melting!
Getting Ready

Standing Up

I have been working on making some new pieces that are multiple layers of glass with paintings on each layer.  I made a very small one to start with that was just 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" but 1/2" thick (4 layers of glass).  At the same time I made one that was about 7 x 9" and 3/8" thick (3 layers of glass).


4 layers of glass have all been through 3 firings of painting, ready to be fused together.

I wanted to be sure I understood what would happen between the layers in terms of air bubbles and how the paint would react.  Both came out wonderfully. They take extra firings and extra sanding/finishing work to create such thick pieces with nice, smooth, presentable edge.



Fully fused 4 layers of glass with black glass border - ready for grinding and polishing of edges. 

Then I had to figure out how to display these new pieces.  My friend, Cynthia, generously gave up some time to try to weld up some steel I had bought in an attempt to make nice, heavy metal stands.  The one we finished didn't quite come out the way we hoped.

So, I went back to a material I understand and enjoy - wood.  Another friend, Jennifer, generously gave me some thick boards of beautiful mahogany.  I took them home and started on my idea. 

After several hours of cutting, sanding, figuring and re-working, this is what I came up with for the larger piece.

  Learn from Trees 3Front of finished piece - base is 3 layers of 3/4" thick mahogany, frame is 3/4" thick mahogany with shaped and finished edge.  1/8" steel rod is used to hold the glass in place.

Learn from Trees 4 BackBack of finished piece

I am beyond thrilled with the result. 

The smaller piece I decided would be really great as a paperweight.  But it still needed a display stand.  My dear husband designed this block from extra thick oak to hold and display the glass while it isn't in use holding down necessary papers.

Bird Paperweight 1

Bird Paperweight 2

It is just perfect for it's job.