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July 2015

Good News and Bad News

Seems there is always a little bad with the good.  About a week or so ago I started on two new paintings.  They are both 10 x 10" and I am trying out a new idea in the framing and fusing.

Anyhow, I got each piece through the first two firings and then started to just finish one of them with the final 3 firings. 

Everything was going fine - then I dropped the other one.  I was so mad and bummed, but at least I know I can make it again. 

This was going to be a varied thrush resting on a wire fence.  It will live again...


This little hummer was inspired by the bully that I have taking over my feeders on the back porch.  It appears a little dark in this photo, but in person this little guy is vibrant and detailed.

The plate still needs one more firing to slump it, but I am thrilled with the colors and texture of this one.  I think I like the overall size and the way the image appears to be framed by the border.


Close up of "Attitude"

Silly Dog Ranch

When we bought our new house there was a large saw blade with the address numbers and 2 small SS lightning bolts painted on it (long story).

So, we took that sign down and I repainted it to our liking.  We have officially named our little acreage "Silly Dog Ranch" and this sign hangs out front for all to see.  

Loving it.




Finished Blue Couple!

I finished and framed the custom piece with the two stellar jays for my client.  The glass is 9 x 15" and the frame is 12 x 18" painted black as requested. 

I am very happy with how this came out.  And this was the first piece completed in my new studio.  It all fired perfectly, so I am a happy camper.   My client was given a choice of a summer/spring color way with greens and yellows or fall with reds and golds.  Fall worked for her, so fall it was.  Red and blue is one of my favorite color combos for some reason, so this works for me.  It was fun to mix all of the leaves up and have the colors blend to create this forest scene.




I have started two more pieces with a new glass framing technique.  I am still working out how I am going to accomplish what is in my mind, so wish me luck!