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Good News and Bad News

Seems there is always a little bad with the good.  About a week or so ago I started on two new paintings.  They are both 10 x 10" and I am trying out a new idea in the framing and fusing.

Anyhow, I got each piece through the first two firings and then started to just finish one of them with the final 3 firings. 

Everything was going fine - then I dropped the other one.  I was so mad and bummed, but at least I know I can make it again. 

This was going to be a varied thrush resting on a wire fence.  It will live again...


This little hummer was inspired by the bully that I have taking over my feeders on the back porch.  It appears a little dark in this photo, but in person this little guy is vibrant and detailed.

The plate still needs one more firing to slump it, but I am thrilled with the colors and texture of this one.  I think I like the overall size and the way the image appears to be framed by the border.


Close up of "Attitude"