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Little Hangings

Birdie Tiles

I have been working on making some designs into wall hangings.  I am starting with these  4 x 4" size tiles that are fun little pops of color.

These are all done in my reverse painting technique with the opaque enamels and fired 4 times each.  They are great on their own, or hung in sets of 2 or more.  

  Chickadee and Blues 1

Chickadee with Red Caps 1

Hummingbird Blues 3

Olive Sided Flycatcher 1

Quail in Red 1

Rusty Nuthatch 1

Scrub Jay Snack 1

I will have some of these and many more available at my next show in October in downtown Bend at the Bend Fall Festival.  If you are interested in any of them now, however, please let me know!

I have mounted the tile onto a wood backing with a hole for very easy hanging.  This mounting also makes them stand out from the wall about 3/4" and makes for a really neat display on the wall.