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Little Hangings


I found a strip of white glass that was just 2-1/2" wide.  I was about to set it aside and thought - Hmm, this could be the start of some little painted pieces.  So, I cut that strip up into little squares.

Then I took them to my painting table and started black outline painting.  I painted all of these little guys free hand on the white glass.  It's a slightly different process than I usually use when I make my reverse paintings.  It was fun to do something different!  

I was planning to make them into cute little magnets.  I had already decided to layer each piece of white glass onto a piece of black glass that was a hair bigger to create a "frame".  But at the last minute I changed my mind about the magnet idea and inserted wire between the layers of glass to make little wall hangings.

They are such darling little things!

Here are all of the designs I have done so far - these are all shot before firing them.  You can see in the above photo that during firing the edge of the white glass kind of spreads out and creates that inner white border.  A nice little happenstance.





I am waiting to do a photo shoot with all of my recently finished pieces so I don't really have good shots of the finished pieces yet.  But soon....