Bird Bowl
Moving Along

The Shape Of Things To Come

For years I have been trying to do something different than other glass artists and not make bowls and plates.  I created my method of making reverse glass paintings and then mounting them on unique found wood pieces.  I loved them.  Customers loved them.  

Little Robin 1

And I still do.

But recently I've noticed a trend with people saying that they just don't know what they would "do" with it.  So, I decided to start making more plates and platters. Still using my reverse painting techniques, but now you can actually serve or eat off of these art pieces.  If you choose to.

Chickadee and Flower Pods 10 x 10 3

And I have gone from making mostly square plates and platters to now I am making round bowls.  My challenge used to be that I thought the bowls would make it harder to see my art work in them.  But I have found a way to make it work.  I have simply adjusted my drawings to accommodate the final shape.  That meant drawing in a round format that can be viewed from all directions and from the top.  

I am still working on the best way to photograph these very dimensional and reflective pieces, but I think you get the idea.

Green quail bowl 6Large quail bowl - about 10" diameter x 4" deep

So this year so far has been full of roundness!  It has been challenging and fun.  I hope you like this shape as much as I do.  

Purple nuthatch bowl 11

Large Violet Nuthatch bowl - about 10" diameter x 4" deep

Furry friends and flowers bowl 3Furry Friends and Flowers Bowl - Octagon shape - about 7" diameter x 2" deep

Just mousing around cat bowl 7Just Mousing Around - about 7" diameter x 3" deep

I've heard that this is the "perfect ice cream bowl"

Just mousing around cat bowl 7 (2)