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January 2017

Turning Over A New Leaf


I hope that 2017 is going well for everyone so far.  At the end of the year I cleaned up all my tables and finished up a few pieces that needed painting, fusing and slumping.  

That left my schedule open to FINALLY figure out something to do with all of the clear scrap glass that I have.  I literally have boxes full of it.  I have tried small projects with it in the past, but I found that I wasn't thrilled with the quality or they just didn't fit with my current style.  It is very difficult to market a whole new style when I am just establishing my work in reverse glass painting.

These are the first three tests.  There are three layers of scrap glass pieces stacked up ready to fire.

So, I played around with making my own glass blanks to paint on from the scrap glass.  I am pretty happy with them and I hope you like them too.  They actually take a bit longer to make than my regular bowls because I have to first fuse the glass into flat rounds rather than simply cutting them from a sheet of glass.  But, the ability to use up all that scrap has my very excited!

Here are the three pieces after firing.  They are about 1/4" thick and do have some bubbles and wobbly edges, but I am very happy with that sort of organic shape.


Here are the blanks, flipped over with the first painting of enamel on them.  This is the outline stage.

I'm not supposed to have favorites, but this one (above), although on the darker side, is my favorite of these three.  It has a very soothing color palette.  And I like the little lacy edge detail painting along with the fluttery edge of the glass.
The way the yellow flows over the edge on the bottom of this piece in the photo is an illusion of the glass.  It's due to the magnification of viewing the painting through the glass at this angle.

I am calling this series "Refused to Leave".  This references the idea of re-fusing the otherwise wasted glass and the idea that they will all have renditions of some of my fanciful leaves.  This is just the first three that I made as tests.  I am going to stick with this size of 8" diameter (at least for now).  It is a great size for display or to use for fruit, nuts, candy, or whatever you like.  

2017 is gonna be fun!!