It's a jungle out there....

And it's also a jungle here in my studio!  I have been busy getting ready for my upcoming show tomorrow in Altadena at Christmas Tree Lane.  People gather for hot chocolate, coffee and to see the annual lighting of the beautiful trees along one section of road in Altadena.

The arts and crafts booths are all set up in the parking lot of the Altadena Library and while it is outdoors, there is a feeling of warmth and coziness all around.

I have been busy creating some animal pieces to display and sell --

Endearing 2"Endearing"  Young raccoon

Mates Box 2"Mates" Barn Owls Box

On Top 2"On Top"

Regal 1"Regal" Bald Eagle

Ursus"Ursus"  Brown Bear


Tree Boxes

I had a brilliant idea!  Well, we all have them from time to time, don't we?

Turn some of my glass on wood pieces into boxes!  These could be for jewelry, paperclips, found shells, pet ashes.... the list goes on.

Early Dawn Tree Box 2

Early Dawn Tree Box 3

I took chunks of tree limbs, cut off the bottom, slice into the edges of the rest of the chunk to create a cavity, then glue all those pieces back together.  Then take a slice off of the top of the piece from the inside to glue onto the bottom of the glass for the lid. Then, of course, make the reverse glass painting to fit the box.  Once glued together, the box is heavily sanded and has a coat of satin varnish to protect the wood.

Remember Me Tree Box

Remember Me Tree Box 3

So far I have only done some of my tree designs, but I could see all kinds of animals and even pet portraits for pet urns.  They are all around 4" in diameter and varying heights from 2-1/2" to 5".

Willow Tree Box

Willow Tree Box 3

Love them!!