My Pops

Today is my dear old Dad's 70th birthday!  

August 29, 2010 030
My dad is one of the most amazing and interesting people I know.  He is smart, funny, friendly and loveable.  He has really strong opinions - about life, politics, religion....

This is a picture of him just last August when we spent some time with him in South Lake Tahoe while he was in the middle of his bicycle ride from Canada to Mexico!  This just a few years after he had done the Atlantic to the Pacific bicycle route.

After retiring he bought himself a motorcycle.  He had never ridden one before in his life.  He passed the course and license test and got right out there.  He rides in all temperatures - even ones that are way too close to freezing for me.  Now he has got himself a dirt bike motorcycle!!  What an adventurer.  What next, dad? - Base Jumping??

My parents enjoy RV'ing and recently added an adorable dog to their household.  I hope to enjoy so many more years of both of my parents and count myself very lucky that they are happy and healthy and such neat people.

Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!!

Dad and BoHappy Birthday, Dad!


Completed Memoriam

I had shown you the test piece I made of my father-in-law.  It was the first time I painted a person. Well, this is how the finished piece came out.  

Dick Chapman Memoriam

I corrected the color of the beer in the glass and toned down the darkness of the skin color.  I also added the lettering and the black ribbon representing melanoma.  The finished piece is approximately 12 x 15" and is mounted on a rock my husband chose to set in the garden. 

Dick Chapman Memoriam Close Up

Dick Chapman Memoriam Writing

In Memorium

Richard "Dick" Chapman
9-3-39 to 7-6-05 

Pet Totem 008

My very first reverse glass painting of a person.  This is my husband's father who passed away 6 years ago today.  My husband requested a memorial plaque with his favorite picture of his dad from his years in the British military.  This is the tester piece and I am quite happy with it overall.  Only the beer came out gray instead of gold, but I know how to fix that for the final piece.

Rest in Peace, Dad.

Dad tattoo