Like any artist, I try to remember to take pictures of all of my finished work. Sometimes when I am in a hurry, it doesn't happen.  Or, I don't look at the finished picture before I sell the piece and it turns out to be blurry, or too dark, or whatever.

I don't propose to say that I am any kind of professional photographer and I know I am not that great at setting up interesting layouts. 

But, I have always wanted to reproduce images of my glass work to sell as greeting cards.  I have a photographer friend, John Hummel, who told me about these fabulous folding cards that hold your 4 x 6" photo.   I printed out a bunch of candidates for potential cards and these are the ones I ended up using. 









I am considering selling them in sets as I have photographed them above.  That way I don't end up with "orphans".  Also, I think they have more impact and I can sell them at a better price that way.   We'll see if there is any interest.


The Bandit

Raccoons are fun animals.  They are so smart and adorable.  And they are perfect candidates to paint. 

This little guy is painted on a 4" square glass, has a Terra Cotta colored glass background and is framed mounted on a piece of rust/orange fabric.  

The Bandit
The Bandit - 4 x 4" tile

I think the fabric backing really makes this framed piece shine.  The fabric was from a bunch my sister Kristin - a fabulous and fun quilter -  hand dyed and sent to me.  Thanks Sis!!

Mountain Quail

I met a gentleman at the Art on the Lake art show that I did in August in Big Bear.  He is a birder.  He requested a custom order of a Mountain Quail - life size and framed.  

For some reason I had difficulty with the colors of this quail.  In the picture I was working from, the lower body of the quail looked very maroon or purple.  I really struggled because red is a very hard color to work with in glass.  They claim that in the glass paints I work with red is not mixable.  Meaning you can't mix it with another paint color to create another color.  I have actually had mixed results with this theory.  

My first attempt at this quail which is an 11-1/2" square tile came out too pale.  The "maroon" came out peachy and the gray upper body was just too light.

Finished close up 2
ale Quail - close up.

So, after agonizing over the color and testing a dozen more mixes, I thought I could get a better match.  I discussed it with the client and he said the magic words - "it really is a little more brown".  Well, apparently my computer was playing tricks with the colors.  So, I looked the quail up in a different, more detailed, bird book and they described the color as "chestnut".  BINGO - that made sense and finally broke my losing streak.  

The finished quail came out great.  I got it mounted in the frame and delivered to the happy customer. 

Quail 003Mountain Quail Close Up 

Fall Shows

Just wanted to give you a quick update of my upcoming shows for this fall.  I am going to be a very busy little bee!

October 1st - I will have space at the Crestline Art-Tiques Walk from 4pm to 8pm.  This includes a wine walk put on by the Crestline Chamber of Commerce.

October 8th - Pine Cone Festival in Twin Peaks.  A wonderful mountain experience with Pine Cone art, music and contests!

October 15 & 16 - Big Bear Oktoberfest in Big Bear, CA.  Should be tons of fun with art, music and BEER!

November 4th - First Friday at The Lake House in Cedar Glen.  I am one of the featured artists for this event happening 4 to 7pm - come on down for Wine, Hors d’oeuvres, Friendship & Fine Art!  What a great way to start your weekend !

November 6th - Festival of Fine Art in Redlands.  This will be an all day Sunday show.  It is a fine event with wine, pianist and upscale art and artists.  It is being held in the old Fox Theatre in downtown Redlands.  I am really looking forward to seeing the old building and the history of it.

November 19 & 20 - Arts and Crafts show at the Oak Glen Retreat in Oak Glen, CA.  This is the heart of one of Southern California's apple orchard areas.  I expect lots of good apple foods and wonderful new artists.

November 25, 26, 27 - Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair at the San Moritz Lodge in Crestline, CA.  I did this show last year for the first time and had a lot of fun!  The lodge is large, warm and inviting and the variety of arts and crafts is just great!

December 10th - Christmas Tree Lane Lighting Ceremony and Winter Arts and Crafts Festival in Altadena, CA.  This one is fantastic.  There is one street overhanging with majestic deodars that are strung with over 10,000 holiday lights.  The festival has music, arts and crafts and of course, the trees are lit.  

Autumn Trio

I have been working on stuff like crazy and I don't think the pace will slow until around December 11th.  I look forward to seeing some of you at one or more of my shows.  Happy Fall!!

Tortoise and the Hare

So, remember that I mentioned in my last post about the new tiles I made this week?  I got them out of the final firing today and mounted on their wood. 

My two favorites happen to be the Tortoise and the Hare! Funny!

Desert Green
"Desert Green"  Approx. 6 x 7 x 7" overall

Tiles on Wood 004
"Listen Up"  Approx. 5 x 6 x 8" overall

These two were a lot of fun.  I got the inspiration for both of them from a British magazine called BBCWildlife that I picked up at Barnes and Noble a couple of months ago.  Their photography is wonderful and the subject matter is perfect for me.

You will have to excuse the somewhat grainy appearance of the close up on the tortoise.  I dropped my camera while on vacation this summer and it is a touch screen camera.  It still takes photos, but I can't manipulate the flash or the focus.  I used my iphone to take that picture.  I love the capabilities, but just not quite as crisp as I would like.  Alas, a new camera is in the cards.

Pile 'O Pendants

I am trying to get ready for the upcoming holiday season shows.  I have several in October, lining up some for November and at least one in December also.  I will be updating my website Shows section as the locations, dates and times are confirmed.

In anticipation of some great shows, I have been making jewelry and tile pieces like crazy.  I have to get working on more ornaments as well.

Photo 1

Up til now I had only been painting my little driftwood pendants with an off white painted tree design.  I decided to try the black paint on the light wood colors and I think I love them!  I have also begun using stone beads above the pendant instead of the metal beads.  I found some beautiful agate and jasper on my vacation in Oregon this summer that I think simply accentuate the wood tones.  I am pretty particular about which beads I use for each necklace.

Photo 2

I've got 15 tile pieces in the kiln that will be mounted on wood.  Some of them I am pretty excited to see finished.  I tried a close up of a giant tortoise and a close up on a hare as well as some leaves, trees, an owl and other birds.  Oh yeah, and another little mouse.  Fun Stuff!

Under the Bridge

I found this piece of wood on some walk somewhere around my house.  It is a large "u" shape.  At first I thought I would end up cutting a u shape of glass and mounting it onto the wood - almost like a rainbow.  

This is the type of piece of wood that I will just sit on my work table and look at now and then to come up with ideas.  A rainbow was out of the question - way too cutesy for me.

The aha! was to decide to hang a piece of glass under the arch.  Yay - a neat idea.  The wood would not stand up on it's own, so I had to find just the right piece in my pile to make a leg support on the back.  

I thought that a nice little view through a window onto a hill with trees and sun would be just the thing for this piece.  So, a week later, glass finished, I then had to figure out how to hang the glass in the arch.  I ended up glueing some jewelry bails onto the glass, screwing  eye screws into the wood and, with some fenagling, got the glass all hung. 

Under the Bridge 3

This was a fun little idea that can only come along with the right set of circumstances and the right "parts".  I think I try to find pieces of wood that are already very close to being what I need to mount glass onto - ie sturdy with a flat side - but, no more!  Look what can be done when your mind has to think a bit outside your regular box. 

A Sharp Eye

This roadrunner is one of my favorite pieces to date and I just had to share with all of you. 

A Sharp Eye 1"A Sharp Eye"

He is approximately 7" tall, 7" deep and about 12" wide.  The glass is, of course, one of my reverse glass paintings.  The frit background is a gorgeous multi-hued sand color with tons of depth.  

The wood piece he is mounted on was a large chunk of driftwood I got down at Lake Silverwood.  I ended up sawing the piece in half lengthwise to expose the gorgeous red-ish brown heart of the wood and mounted the tile on one of the flat sawn sides.  The "leg" is attached to the back of the wood for support and also has such a great color to it - almost black in parts.

I really wanted to keep this one....

A Sharp Eye 3"A Sharp Eye" close up

Art on the Lake XII

I am so proud to be showing my art at this years' "Art on the Lake" premier art show in Big Bear Lake this weekend.  I have been working very hard for a couple of weeks, just making, making, making more tile on wood pieces than ever before. 

This time my pieces range from bears to eagles...  

Soaring 1

Through the Fall 2

finches to owls......

Treetops and Turquiose

Head Shot 1

Caterpillars to butterflies and more....
Inching Along 3
Io Pause 1
Sweet Summer Scene 1

As I said, I have been working hard.  I am proud of all of my work and really looking forward to a great show.  There is an artist's reception on Friday night, then the show both Saturday and Sunday.  If you happen to be up in Big Bear, please stop by and say Hi!  There is no entrance fee and you can't beat the location right in the Marina.

Art on the Lake XII
Marina Resort
40770 Lakeview Dr.
Big Bear Lake, CA  

A Little Color

The third step of each of my tile paintings includes covering up my reverse painting with a layer of frit that will end up being the base/background.  I have had some failures with dark colors, colors too transparent, colors that blend into the painting, etc.  

That is why I have generally been steering towards using a plain opaque vanilla color.  Almost every piece looks good on this color, they stand out and even get a little extra punch from the neutral background.

Summer Evening 1

Well, this time my painting was much simpler - just one of my narrow black spindly trees.  I knew that the background would make this piece stand out.  I ended up layering colors of transparent greens and blues to create a landscape.  The transparent has to then be backed with the vanilla color in order for it not to disappear when the tile is mounted onto the wood.  

Summer Evening 4

I think the finished result is bright, vibrant and fun!