Reclaimed Fence Boards

I finished several tiles this past week.  A co-worker was kind enough to give me all of his old fence boards he was tearing down.  To some, that would mean a pile of trash.  To me, it means Art Project! 

May 2011 044
"A Fruitful Day"  approx 3 x 6-1/2" - The hares I have been doing have really been fun.

I have used these boards as backings for my tiles.  They make a terrific, rustic look and really contrast so well with the glossy-ness of the glass.  The addition of the small branch pieces gives the pieces dimension and makes a great framework.

May 2011 045

"Over the River"  Another hare :)    

May 2011 049

"Leaf It All"  Ode to leaves.  Notice the leaf wing on the bird?

May 2011 050

"Fox Run"  This one was fun.  The fox is another of my favorite animals to draw and paint.  The tree, though is the focus on this piece.  It is almost lyrical in its form.

I hope you enjoyed these.  I have a bunch more wood ready for glass.  Gotta cut the glass, draw some designs and get paintin'!  See you soon!

San Francisco and Bird a Week #16

Pretty much have not done any glass work in about a week.  We took our trailer up to San Francisco for 5 days and played tourists.  While getting out and visiting other places and cities can be fun, it can be kind of overwhelming to be in a big city like that.

San Francisco April 2011 046On the boat ride back from Alcatraz

My favorite part was taking the boat over to Alcatraz.  We have been to the city several times, but never took the chance to see this island.  They have a group of volunteers that are refurbishing the gardens over there.  They are really neat, all tucked into a courtyard and built into the ruins of basements of buildings that have burned out and been demolished.

San Francisco April 2011 035Gardens on Alcatraz

We also went to Ghirardelli square, rode the cable car, the bus and BART train, toured an American submarine, had a Delicious lunch of soup and sandwiches at Boudin Bakery, visited (and got locked in at) the Italian Cemetary, had the most amazing vegetarian "meatloaf" at Ananda Fuara, toured the cable car museum, and took walks on the beach.

San Francisco April 2011 028Sailboat through the ruins


San Francisco April 2011 004View from our campsite


All in all, a nice trip once you get past all the PEOPLE!! and traffic.

I did bring my sketchbook and made a couple of drawings for glass tiles.  This is the only bird I attended to, though, and the sketch is rather plain, but my bird of the week is:

San Francisco April 2011 113