Leaded Glass

I started my glass career many years ago with a community college course that taught leaded glass design and technique.  I loved building windows  - designing, drawing and actually building them.  

However, I really don't advertise any longer that I make windows.  I have simply been focused on my fusing and glass painting as an art form.  Making custom pieces, especially windows, almost feels like an intrusion.  But I do like the challenge. Sometimes customers can get me to do pieces that I never would have though of on my own.

Anyhow, I received a call from John Lyles, owner of J. Lyles Architecture.  His wife owns the store The Lakehouse Collection in Lake Arrowhead where I sell some of my boxes full time on consignment and other items during one of their "First Friday" Events during the year. John had a client who owns a home on Lake Arrowhead and is just about finished with their build.  They "needed" a leaded glass window for one of their exterior doors.  They wanted to emulate the feel of another door in the room with a stock leaded glass panel, but with more color and design work.

From pictures of the existing door, I sketched out a design and met with the clients. They loved the design and, like I said, they wanted color.  The wife specifically wanted to incorporate a feel of each one of their family members.  She had a very elaborate story of their favorite colors, but what it boiled down to was that she chose colors for the window based on the colors of the playing pieces they each always used when they had a family game night.

It was such a fun story and so personal for them. 

I know this picture is not the best.  The window was finished and puttied yesterday and is laying on my work table while the putty dries and sets up a little.  I will need to do a good clean up and deliver it to the contractor early next week.   Hopefully I can get a picture of the window installed.  I am proud that it is going into such a beautiful house and has a very nice prominant positon facing the entry and driveway.